Do I need a Licence to operate any of these machines?
No you do not require a Licence or Ticket. All that is required is concentration and a little bit of skill. The only Licence required is your Drivers Licence at pickup.
How do I learn how to operate the Excavator?
If you have never used one of these machines, we can take you through a 10 minute course upon delivery. They are very user friendly and only take about an hour before you will be looking like a pro. We welcome all first time users.
Will my car be ok to tow the machines?
They come with a combined weight of just over 2 tonne. Most large cars, SUV’s and 4x4’s will be suitable. The Tow Bar of your car will have an Information plate that will specify the towing capacity of the vehicle. The non-braked towing weight is the one you need to look out for. Alternatively, contact us with the Make and Model of your car and we will be able to assist. All Trailers are fitted with a 7 pin flat plug.
Do you offer Pickup and Delivery?
Yes we do. Cost is $50 plus GST each way to most areas of the Gold Coast. Contact us if you need to clarify this.
Are there any hidden charges?
No, just the cost of hire. When you pick up the Excavator it will be clean and full of Diesel. This is how it is to be returned. If not, you will be charged a minimum $45 Cleaning Fee and $2 per litre of Diesel used.
What time can I pick up the machine?
Pick up is from 7am and it is to be returned before 4.30pm. For weekend Hire, the Excavator is to be returned at 4.30pm Sunday evening. Alternative arrangements can be made upon request.
What happens if I break or damage the machine?
If you break anything you must pay for it. You are responsible for any repairs to the machine while in your possession. Digger 4 a Day use all the latest Excavators that have just been purchased new, they are regularly serviced and cared for so it is highly unlikely a break down will occur unless it is from misuse. Yes you are insured but you are responsible for paying the Excess on the Premium.
Do I need to place a holding deposit to secure the booking?
Yes, a $100 deposit is required to hold the Excavator. Cancellations require 48 hours notice. Regular and reliable customers do not need to place a deposit.
What do you need from me to hire an Excavator?
Drivers Licence and Credit Card is all we need.
Can I organise early pickup or drop off?
Yes, this can be arranged. Just contact us to organise in advance or when making the booking.
Can I use it to break up rocks or concrete?
Digging into rocks will only damage the bucket. They are for soil only. We hire Rock Breakers for $110 plus GST for this purpose.
What is the narrowest access the Excavator can fit through?
The Excavator tracks are 1240mm wide but can be adjusted down to 1000mm (1 metre) to fit through gates and narrow pathways. The Micro Excavator is only 800mm wide and will fit through the front door of a house if necessary.
Can I leave the tracks at 1000mm during operation?
If you are restricted for room it is ok to operate with the tracks at 1000mm. We recommend however the tracks be in their widest position (1240mm) during operation. This assists in giving you maximum stability, reducing the risk of tipping the machine over.
What about Insurance?
When you hire a machine from Digger 4 a Day, all machines come with Queensland Registration and Insurance. If you damage the Excavator you are required to pay for the Excess on the Premium.

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