Below you will find information on our available attachments. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
Auger Drive Auger Drills Brand: Auger Torque
Auger sizes available are:
100, 200, 300, 350 and 450mm
Auger Drives are $75 +GST per day
600mm Auger Drill is available for an additional $25 +GST per day

Auger Extensions are also available for $10 +GST per day .
All Augers are supplied with 1 Auger Drill. Additional Drills are $25 +GST per day
Rock Breaker Brand: Toku
$125 +GST per day
Rock Grab Brand: Oz
$75 +GST per day and $120 +GST for the weekend
Spreader Bar Brand: Digga
1200mm x 1000mm
Available for the Bobcat S70 Only
Free of Charge
Buckets Digger 4 A Day offer a range of Buckets that are specific for certain jobs.
200mm Trenching Bucket
300mm Trenching Bucket with Scratching Blade
All additional Buckets are $15 +GST per day
Broom Brand: Digga
Available for the Bobcat S70 Only
$150 +GST per day
Buckets Cost:
Suitable for use with Micro & Mini Excavators
 Mini Excavator U17-3Micro Excavator K-008Bobcat S70
Auger Drive + 100 Drill
Auger Drive + 200 Drill
Auger Drive + 300 Drill
Auger Drive + 350 Drill
Auger Drive + 450 Drill
Auger Drive + 600 Drill 
Rock Breaker 
Rock Grab  
Spreader Bar 
200 Trenching Bucket  
300 Bucket with Blade 
Concrete Sleeper Grab
4 in 1 Bucket